We know as we look to the future, the people we train today are the ones that will help us achieve our ambitious goals – making them our greatest asset and wisest investment.  Through continuous training, motivating and grooming we will produce future leaders.

Our clients are looking for “an edge” in advertising.  There are too many TV commercials, radio ads, direct mail pieces and telemarketers trying to grab people’s attention. It is our experience that the power of a personal, LIVE presentation is the most effective way to advertise.

Our track record of results for our clients – including generating new business, increased customer retention, and decreased expense – has enabled us to further our opportunities with various industry leaders.


The Personal Approach

Our method is simple: we apply a customer friendly, face to face approach to our promotions and sales strategies.  By directly meeting with potential customers, we can greatly increase tour clients’ sales without dramatically increasing their spending budget.  This technique has proved to be the most effective way to penetrate a target market and acquire new, profitable customers.


Professional Representation:

Each of our staff members is trained (by us!) on how to represent your brand – keeping your company’s image and objectives in mind.  On our dime, each client is handed a staff equipped to maneuver around any objection, adversity or hesitation your prospect throws.



Before officially launching a campaign, 212 will determine how to get the best result for your company- the fastest way possible.  We know waiting around doing lengthy research and studying the theoretical doesn’t help your bottom line.  Our plan? Give us a matter of weeks to ensure a tangible turnaround on your revenue you will see daily.


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