Life at 212

  1. Training is our biggest asset.

We take the time to train each individual on each task they are expected to accomplish

  1. Have a voice

Every team member at 212 is encouraged to voice their opinion, share ideas and ask questions – and is given an opportunity to do so every day.

  1. Get recognized

Positive reinforcement is our mantra.  Every morning management will take the time to announce a job well done.

  1. Goals

We know what we want to accomplish and how you fit in.  Now tell us what your goals are and how we can help you reach them.

  1. Have Fun

Amidst hard work and some long days, we make time to enjoy ourselves.


Opportunity at 212:

Every member of our staff has started at an Entry Level position.  It is our belief that in order to be a great leader you must understand each position within our company through firsthand experience.  Once a team member has a proven track record within our company, advancement in the following areas is encouraged.



HR and Administration

Team Leadership

Management Consulting


Currently hiring at the Entry Level


Responsibilities at Entry Level:

Personally represent one of our clients during sales and marketing presentations to prospects and current customers while tracking market dispositions and trends.


What we are looking for:

Energetic, enthusiastic team players who have great communication skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.




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