212 Inc. Celebrates Over Five Years Of Success


212, Inc., a New England based sales and marketing firm, is celebrating five years of successful business.  Over the years the company has expanded to over five times its founding size and expects to continue its growth in the months and years to come.

212, Inc. originally opened its doors in February 2007.  Now located in Wellesley, MA, the company has expanded to multiple locations from coast to coast from Rhode Island to California.  The company is a premier outsourced sales and marketing firm covering the greater Boston area.  As a privately owned and operated firm, 212 focuses on increasing market-share and retaining clients for Fortune 500 clients.

One of the main clients at 212 is the nation’s leading provider in the telecommunications industry.  The client provides bundled Internet access, telephone, and television services.  212’s focus is to acquire and retain account holders for the fiber-optic communications division of the company.

Over the past five years, 212 has experienced a growth increase of over 500%. In this time, the company has promoted five new members to its executive leadership team.  These additions have given 212 the ability to expand into 5 new market-shares and take on new clients from coast to coast.  Throughout this time, 212 has received several recognitions for outstanding national performance.

I am excited to see how the team here has evolved over the last five years.  Over the years, it is exciting to see the company continue to grow,” explains Andrea Atkinson, President of 212.   “I am most excited about seeing the individuals grow as the company grows.  We have seen several of our executives grow in their careers from the ground up and I am proud to see them get the promotions they have worked so hard to deserve.”

212, Inc. expects to continue this growth over the next few months and plans to expand to more locations by the end of the year.


About 212inc

212, Inc. is a premier outsourced sales and marketing firm in the greater Boston area. As a privately owned and operated firm, 212 is dedicated to providing opportunity to Fortune 50 clients as well as every associate. Here at 212 we believe promoting from within is the key to successful expansion and growth for years to come. We offer our associates an exclusive opportunity at hands on training to develop the skills to be successful in the direct marketing industry as well as team management and leadership.

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