Aqua Cancun

After finishing out 2009 with a bang, the mangement team at 212 got a chance to celebrate during the all-inclusive vacation at the Acqua Cancun resort in Cancun Mexico.

Overall experience:
1. Service – A+ the staff wouldn’t even let us pour our own coffee!
2. Comfort – A+ The rooms were gorgeous with great views and even at the pool you could relax on a bed equipped with a fresh set of sheets and pillows!
3. Night life – A+ The onsite lounges were great with great entertainment only a short taxi away!

About 212inc

212, Inc. is a premier outsourced sales and marketing firm in the greater Boston area. As a privately owned and operated firm, 212 is dedicated to providing opportunity to Fortune 50 clients as well as every associate. Here at 212 we believe promoting from within is the key to successful expansion and growth for years to come. We offer our associates an exclusive opportunity at hands on training to develop the skills to be successful in the direct marketing industry as well as team management and leadership.

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